violins play without surrender.
    off key and without melody,
    they scream and shout;
    piercing my head with their
    turbulent moods and desparate


    and yet when they disappear,
    and all that is left are
    my own small thoughts,
    their comfort becomes the thing
    i miss the most.

    Let them free

    “But once again, emotions are things which are chemically designed to create reaction. If we just ignore them, those thoughts of anger and frustration and sadness and happiness and love just absorb themselves into our subconscious, where they grow into monsters in our sleep. Let them free.”

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  • The privileged receive the support of the world. The others suffer in silence.

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  • “Respect demanded through words can never be as strong as respect earned through actions. In fact, respect demanded quickly turns into hate; and hate forms the crux of our enemy”