The Dark Web: Privacy in our Invasive World

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Throughout this project, I have learnt of the horrors that can be found at the click of a button. I have learnt about the good that can be done through the power of anonymity, as well as about the evil that can be done by those who believe they are invincible. The Dark Web has always interested me, and learning about those who use it was the reason that I chose it for this task. Many use the power of The Dark Web for different reasons, some good, some bad, however all in all, they all do it for one reason: to stay hidden.

The Dark Web provides a sense of security for all whom browse its pages. Whether it be paedophiles, browsing endless pages of illegal pornography, the drug dealer who wishes to purchase his next supply, the ‘ethical’ arms dealer trying to get his “Glock 17’s” sent out before the rush of customers, or a person wishing to report on corporate thieving – The Dark Web allows a place for all.

The Dark Web has become a thriving online marketplace for black market trade, which has been evading law enforcement for the length of its 13-year existence. It is often used as a place for avoiding the law, and in that sense – definitely should not be in existence, let alone so accessible by so many. However, the anonymity it provides in our exceedingly invasive world also comes as a relief. For this reason, the Dark Web can also be an incredibly valuable platform for those wishing to use it ethically and for the benefit of others.

Through all the darkness, there is the light side to The Dark Web. A side that should not be forgotten

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