The A-Z of South Africa

Written as an English Essay, the following is my attempt at the ‘2015 A-Z of South Africa’.

South Africa is a country best known for its advancement through troubled times. Yet, this country, our country, with its beautiful beaches of blue and white, still has its issues. Complaints ring in constantly over people like Cecil Rhodes, who has thus far served to be yet another point of conflict in our ever-changing country.

However, these issues are temporary. Our diverse nation, dancing away into the night with the Spirit of Africa in their hearts, is what South Africa is all about. Neither Eskom’s shenanigans, nor the E-Toll project, could dull what it means to be South African. Of course, being African has its advantages. Our range of food is some of the best in the world. Not even Fanning’s shark attack keeps the food guru’s away.

For decades, this place we call home has been a hub of innovation. Whether it be through our science, medical research, or the way we overcome our past, gaining Justice through peace, South Africa has been ahead of the game. Our Kruger National Park houses the best of South African wildlife. With our Lions, Leopards and large beasts becoming the wildlife attraction of the world.

Recently, however, tensions have been high as South Africans grow tired of empty promises. Mmusi Maimane, the new leader of the opposition, fights for the rights of all South Africans. Through the corruption of Nkandla and those in power, South Africans are learning who not to trust. Through new and original ideas, South Africans are standing together. We are finding peace through each other, and beginning to question what it means to blindly follow. No matter the race or religion, we are uniting.

Whether it be standing together against the poaching of Rhinos, the fighting over statues or the support for our Springboks, we are finding something to believe in. By pooling our knowledge and resources, we have managed incredible things. We have proven that South Africa deserves its spot in the Top Ten places of the world. Table Mountain, a not-so-human invention, has become a symbol of South Africa. The Transplants we have achieved under it’s safe and protective slopes have helped saved the lives of millions of people, and improved the quality of life for numerous others.

Our Universities are some of the highest rated in the world, and the variety of people, cultures, languages and communities make our country memorable. Although we have our issues, nothing can change the fact that South Africa is incredible. Whether it be the water shortages in Gauteng, the hated companies of Eskom and Sanral, the Government which ‘serves to protect us’ or the horrific and completely ruthless Xenophobia attacks across the country – we, as South Africans, make a plan to overcome it. Yes, we complain, however after the dust settles, we come out stronger.

The Youth of South Africa are ready to propel this country forward. It is time to move on from the past, and work towards a country where it doesn’t matter whether you’re black, coloured or white, male or female, homosexual or heterosexual, old or young. It is time to leave the racism and hate behind, and move to a brighter future.

Let’s give Zapiro something else to draw about.

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